The Basics

From setting intentions to integration through journaling, learn The Basics of Psychedelic Therapy with Dr. Matthew Habib

Your Program Includes:

  • first month Ketamine treatments

  • 2 clinician consults

  • 2 Guide sessions (1 prep / 1 integration)

  • Unlimited Messaging

Ketamine Therapy Program:

One payment of $350

During your initial consultation, if you’re not deemed a good medical fit for treatment, your full payment will be refunded.

Integration Coaching (Virtual)


Looking for help making sense of your experiences, learning how to integrate insights into your daily life, or being held accountable to your action plan? Add on integration sessions as-needed, weekly, or whenever you just want to go deeper.

Impact Psychedelics :

All of Impact’s programs are hand-designed by leaders in the fields of psychedelic medicine and psychiatry. Each session will build on the last so that benefits compound throughout your journey.

After you complete payment, you’ll be able to complete your new client paperwork, schedule your initial consult with your Clinician, and select your Guide.

If your clinician determines that you’re not a good fit for treatment during your consult, you’ll receive a full refund.

After completing your first program, you’ll have access to additional programs starting at $80 / month.

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